Nathan’s passing has been a very unexpected shock, and even though we lived it, surreal. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to reach out to Nathan’s friends and family for assistance. Unfortunately, at the time of his death, Nathan did not have life insurance, and had depleted his resources finishing his teacher certification.

That being said, Nathan’s care rested on the shoulders of Celeste and Sarah, each of whom, immediately changed their lives to give him the best of care. Celeste and Sarah both quit jobs to make themselves available for any and everything Nathan needed. While they would never ask or even admit it, their self-sacrifice has put a great burden on them financially. They have had very little to no income since November, and as we all know it doesn’t take long to get in the weeds.

While I’ve been able to take care of the memorial and cremation, on a teacher’s salary, I’m unable to make them financially whole again. So, since many of you have asked how you can help, I’m setting up a donation link on this memorial page to help Celeste & Sarah get back on track. Any donation for them would be greatly appreciated and help in the most substantial way possible. After knowing Nathan for 39 years, I can say with full confidence your donations would truly honor his memory, as nothing in life mattered to him more than his children. Thank you in advance for honoring Nathan.
— Tammy